Why Nutrition Camp Is Mandatory for Our Country

The Nutrition camps are community-based nutrition programmes for children who are at risk of protein-energy malnutrition. The intervention follows two approaches: one that encourages local knowledge and practices of child care and the other that educates mothers on cooking habits and on nutrition rich recipes for malnourished children. Undernourished children between 6 months and 3 years are screened and identified based on their detailed anthropometric measurements of height, weight and MUAC and are referred to the nutrition camps.

This programme has been very effective because of its localized relevance and cost-effectiveness in rehabilitating malnourished children. Evidence shows that a large number of children affected by Severe Acute Malnutrition or SAM (without infection) and Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) can be treated in their communities without being admitted to a health facility or therapeutic feeding centre. The objectives of the camp are to rehabilitate malnourished children, to sustain the rehabilitation and to prevent future malnutrition in the community...

The current national lockdown to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the problems of food, nutrition and livelihood security confronting a large number of rural people, in particular, migrants to cities In India . While some measures have been announced, such as provision of additional rice or wheat, some pulses and oil free of cost, as well as ₹1,000 cash for the purchase of other essential commodities through the Public Distribution System (PDS), we need to understand the different dimensions of food security in a holistic manner in order to address this problem in its totality.

Due to CORONA Or COVID -19 We Can't held The Nutrition Camp But We Promised All The Indians That We did that Camp After Resolving The Covid Situation. Thank You To Support Our Team And Motivate To Do A New One Programme.Be Safe And Safe to All.

  • Event Details

  • Date: 24 October, 2018 | 8:00AM - 11:00PM
  • Location: 2736 Hinkle Deegan Lake Road
  • Ticket: 50$

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