Welcome to Dey Health Care and Research Foundation

We believe in contributing for the society by virtue of charity. It gives us happiness to make others happy, especially the needy ones of the society. We need your hands too!

Although a long way to move forward, tiny Health Camps, Free Schools and Yoga Classes are not so bad to start with. While, we will continuously emphasize on our Nalikul camp and other parts of West Bengal, states like Bihar, Rajasthan or even our country's capital Delhi are not excluded from the list. You may also join us!

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Patients Served





Our Causes

Education, food and shelters are the 3 basic needs for a human being to survive happily.....We have started our journey with those goals with hundreds of happy hands of volunteers across the country.....

Children Taught: 134 Goal: 1000

Educating Needy Children

We have started 2 schools namely, Kamala Devi Memorial School in South Delhi and Aaapna School in Bihar with high enthusiasms...While, we are currently not able to afford to pay our teachers but trying our best to provide education for children free of cost along with study materials and other accessories...

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Patients Served: 1154 Goal: 20000

Health Care

We have started our journey with small health camps.. We also provide those participating patients with medicine... We also encourage others to make a good habit of donating unused medicines for their better use in health camps like ours...

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Raised: 5200₹ Goal: 9000₹


We have started two scholarships for secondary and higher secondary standard students.... For Girls: Reba Dey Merit cum Means Scholarship and for Boys: Susanta Kumar Dey Merit cum Means Scholarship.... Results will be declared in March, 2019.....

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Cloths/Mosquito Nets Donated: 110 Goal: 1100

Cloths or Mosquito Net Donation

We could initiate this solution to the novel cause of clothing and healthy living without a risk of mmosquito bites in village areas with humble donations from Mr. Tarapada Dey his sons. We will increase this specific charity every year with more enthusiasm.

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Boosting Cultural Habits: 99% Goal: 100%

Cultural Events

While education, health and shelters are the 3 basic needs, cultural activities are must for us to stay happy and one of the best ways to make others aware of societal needs...

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Students Accommodated: 12 Goal: 100

Hostel Facility for Students

Currently we can provide hostel facility for 12 students in association with Ramkrishna Mandir, Bantra, Howrah....... Interested students in this are may please contact us....

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Become A Volunteer

Our volunteers are our strength! More volunteers we have more we can spread our service for the society.

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Past and Upcoming Events

You can see our regular events here. We shall update important future events as well.

Health Camp at Nalikul Unit

  • 12th April, 2018 | 8:00AM - 06:00PM
  • Pancha Nabo Durga Puja Area, Nalikul, Hooghly, West Bengal

We shall start registering participants' name during 6th April-12th April, 2018 at the venue. Update will come soon. Medicines will also be provided free of cost.

Nabo Durga Puja 2018

  • 6th-14th April, 2018 | 7:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Pancha Nabo Durga Puja Area, Nalikul, Hooghly, West Bengal

This year we will emphasize on charity work along with ritual events. We are expecting to build our first building ready for permanent office and health camp at our Nalikul Unit. All are cordially invited to join us.

Inauguration of permanent office for the Nani Bala Dey Memorial Health Camp

  • 30th May, 2018 | 5:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Cheror Danga Spot, Nalikul, Hooghly, West Bengal

This building should start working within 3 months of its inauguration. It will have both the Nani Bala Dey Health Camp and associated diagnostic center. We welcome your suggestion and active participation for the event.

Bhramha Vishnu Maheshwar Temple

  • 25th June, 2021 | 11:00AM - 05:00PM
  • Pancha Nabo Durga Puja Area, Nalikul, Hooghly, West Bengal

We shall start building our proposed Bhramha Vishnu Maheshwar temple with a goal to finish it up by next 3 years. This is going to be a permanent religious spot for Nabo Durga and other pujas along with charity work.